Cheap Green Living

Cheap Living. Green Living. It's fun and simple. You can do both, because they go together. You can make a difference with water conservation in the home, energy conservation kits, and square foot gardening.

There are many simple and cheap living solutions. Stay cool with simple solutions like solar screens, ceiling fans and whole house fans. Enjoy cooking with fresh ingredients from your back yard or local farmers market.

Last updated November 2017 for our Cheap Living and Green Living website!

Go Solar

If you have a large electric bill, go solar power. This green living solution also has some great energy tax credits.Read how we purchased a solar power system for our home.

Stay Cool

Stay cool with cheap solutions too. If you have hot sun shining on your windows, try solar screens. Need some breeze - try ceiling fans. Or cool down your attic and suck out that hot air with a whole house fan.

Reduce Reuse Recycle

Cheap green living means more than recycling - it means thinking of ways to reduce unnecessary purchases and packaging, reuse items whenever possible, and recyling the rest.

Water Conservation

Conserve water with cheap green living solutions. This is so important with climate change, and many areas facing severe water shortages. No bottled water please. Reduce your water usage with these simple tips.

Vegetable Gardening

Nothing beats the taste of fresh vegetables, grown from your own garden or purchased from a local farmers market. All those extra vegetables make great muffins and soups too.